Finalized Agenda for the Coweeta Summer Symposium on 6/29

Coweeta LTER Summer Symposium

29 June 2010


Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory

Otto, NC



Tuesday, 29 June


8:00Coffee and Greetings


8:30Introductions and Meeting Plan – Ted Gragson, Coweeta LTER Lead PI


8:50Comments by Jim Vose, Project Leader, Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory


Research Presentations

Posters will be located in the CoweetaConferenceCenterlobby during the entire day.


9:10  Robert Warren II - Ant-mediated seed dispersal does not facilitate niche expansion


9:30  Emily V. Moran - Contrasting patterns of seed dispersal in two red oak populations revealed by hierarchical Bayesian model integrating genetic and ecological data


9:50  David M. Bell - Tree seedling demographic responses to climate and disturbance from long-term experiments


10:10  Taehee Hwang - Evaluation of phenological signals estimated from MODIS vegetation index with continuous PAR measurements


10:30  Break


10:50 Jeb Barrett – McMurdo LTER, Antarctica


11:20  Kaitlin McLean- Nutrient biogeochemistry of N and P in past, present, and future southern Appalachian forests


11:40  Katie Kove- Estimating evapotranspiration across the southern Appalachians


12:00  Lunch provided by Valley Café


1:00Marshall Shepherd - Urban Land Cover and Pollution: Do they create or alter precipitation

and storms?


1:30  Katie Price - Effects of watershed land use and geomorphology on stream baseflows in the southern Blue Ridge Mountains



1:50  Kristen K. Cecala - Ex-urban development effects on stream salamander occupancy: Evaluating the local, landscape, and socio-economic factors


2:10  Break


2:30 Winsor Lowe - Ecological and evolutionary implications of movement in plethodontid salamanders


3:00  John Frisch - Occupancy modeling for rapid assessment of the distribution of focal stream biota on local and landscape scales


3:20 Seth Gustafson - Southern Appalachian exurbanization and the importance of megapolitan political ecology


3:40 Break


4:00  Andrea Leslie - Assessment, planning, and restoration in the Franklinto Fontanawatershed


4:20  T.R. Russ - A 10 year monitoring plan for Spotfin chub in the Little Tennessee River, North Carolina: overview and results from the first three years


4:40  Steve Fraley - Status of mussel populations in the Little Tennessee Riverin North Carolina


5:00  William O. McLarney - The 500 year program: IBI biomonitoring in the upper Little Tennessee watershed – 20 years and counting


5:10-6:00 Social at the Coweeta Residence


6:00-7:30  Group dinner provided by Valley Café at the Coweeta Residence