Long-Term Response of a Forest Watershed Ecosystem: Clearcutting in the Southern Appalachians

Swank, WT, and JR Webster (eds.).  2014.  Oxford University Press, New York


Chapter 1: Programmatic Background, Site Description, Experimental Approach and Treatment, and Natural Disturbances Wayne T. Swank, Jackson R. Webster

Chapter 2:  Successional Forest Dynamics Lindsay R. Boring, Katherine J. Elliot, Wayne T. Swank

Chapter 3:  Response and Recovery of Water Yield and Timing, Stream Sediment, Abiotic Parameters, and Stream Chemistry Following Logging Wayne T. Swank, Jennifer D. Knoepp, James M. Vose, Stephanie Laseter, and Jackson R. Webster

Chapter 4:  Long- and Short- Term Changes in Nutrient Availability Following Commercial Sawlog Harvest via Cable Logging Jennifer D. Knoepp, Bruce L Haines, Wayne T. Swank

Chapter 5:  Soluble Organic Nutrient Fluxes Robert G. Qualls, Bruce L Haines, Wayne T. Swank

Chapter 6:  Dynamics of Dissolved Organic Carbon in a Stream During a Quarter Century of Forest Succession Judy L. Myers, Jackson R. Webster, Jennifer D. Knoepp, and E.F. Benfield

Chapter 7:  Wood decomposition following clearcutting at Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory Kim G. Mattson,and Wayne T. Swank

Chapter 8:  Recovery of Decomposition and Soil Microarthropod Communities in a Clearcut Watershed in the Southern Appalachians Liam Heneghan and Alissa Salmore

Chapter 9:  Watershed clearcutting and canopy arthropods Barbara C. Reynolds, Timothy D. Schowalter and D.A. Crossley , Jr.

Chapter 10:  Recovery of particulate organic matter dynamics in a stream draining a logged watershed. A pressing situation Jackson R. Webster, E.F. Benfield, Stephen W. Grolladay, and Matthew E. McTammany

Chapter 11:  Stream macroinvertebrate response to clearcut logging J. Bruce Wallace and Damon Ely

Chapter 12:  Recovery of Central Appalachian Forested Watersheds: Comparison of Fernow and Coweeta Mary Beth Adams and James N. Kochendenfer

Chapter 13:  Comparisons with results from the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest in the Northern Appalachians James W. Hornbeck, Amey S. Bailey, Christopher Eager, and John L. Campbell

Chapter 14:  Bridging the gap between ecosystem theory and forest watershed management. A synthesis of 30+ years of research on WS 7 Jackson R. Webster, Wayne T. Swank, James M. Vose, Jennifer D. Knoepp, and Katherine J. Elliot