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Coweeta LTER collaborates with USFS Bent Creek Experimental Forest

In November 2015, the Coweeta LTER began a collaboration with the Bent Creek Experimental Forest by establishing three environmental sensor stations to monitor soil moisture, soil temperature, and air temperature in ridge, side-slope, and cove locations.  Bent Creek Experimental Forest is part of the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station and is located in Asheville, NC.  Bent Creek is the oldest experimental forest in the East, established in 1925 to study rehabilitation of cutover, degraded forests.  Research in this 5,500 acre forest has expanded to study the ecology and productiv

"Migration Celebration" at LTLT's Tessentee Bottomland Preserve


We are partnering with LTLT, Southern Appalachian Raptor Research program, and Balsam Mountain Trust to host a "Migration Celebration" at LTLT's Tessentee Bottomland Preserve this Saturday, October 10th.  From 9-11am we will be catching and banding migrating songbirds and from 11am - 1pm I'll be leading a Monarch tagging/butterfly catching and release event.


Finalized Agenda for the Coweeta Summer Symposium on 6/29

Coweeta LTER Summer Symposium

29 June 2010


Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory

Otto, NC



Tuesday, 29 June


8:00Coffee and Greetings


8:30Introductions and Meeting Plan – Ted Gragson, Coweeta LTER Lead PI


8:50Comments by Jim Vose, Project Leader, Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory


Research Presentations

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