Business Office

Financial matters related to the Coweeta LTER are administered through the Business Office in the Warnell School of Forestry. Purchasing, travel, staff hiring and leave related matters are handled by different staff members according to established Warnell guidelines. Specific details concerning the steps necessary for conducting many types of Coweeta business are provided here. In addition, and in order to make things as simple as possible, we have provided a single point of contact,, for specific questions and clarifications related to Coweeta LTER business transactions. Anyone who sends an email to this account will be routed to the appropriate person.

More Information

Purchasing - Purchases can be handled via private purchase and reimbursement, PCard, or Purchase Order. Specific guidelines for each provided on this page.

Travel - any travel involving UGA employees, vehicles, or funding, must be authorized via Warnell travel authority request. Directions are provided here.

Hiring and Assistantships - Warnell Business Office staff members divide the responsibility for new employment documentation according to job classification. Contacts are provided here.

Leave Requests - This is an external link to the Warnell leave request system and is required for Coweeta LTER and Warnell School full-time staff only.

All purchases, travel authorities, hiring decisions, and leave requests are subject to approval by the Coweeta LTER LPI and the University of Georgia.