Coweeta Website Credits

The current Coweeta LTER website design was developed by Melissa Gay and Carrie Bishop of the UGA Center for Teaching and Learning, in Consultation with Coweeta's IM, Brian Herndon and our LPI, Ted Gragson. The Personnel Directory, Data Catalog, Publication Catalog, Resesarch Site Catalog, and Project Summary Pages were developed using applications and databases originally built by Wade Sheldon for the Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER and generously provided to Coweeta through a collaborative effort. Past Coweeta Information Managers include John Chamblee, Barrie Collins, Ron Rouhani, and Kurt Saari. Other Contributors to the layout, design, support and base content of the Coweeta LTER website include Zach Anderson, Christopher Andrus, Ruby Basham, Cheryl Brown, Richard Cary, Gil Calabria, Julien Derocher, Sarah Dutcher, Charles Fievet, Jill Gannon, Ned Gardiner, Graham Hanson, Ed Johnson, K.C. Love, Susan Murray, Katherine Neder, Elizabeth Nixon, Eric Orr, Martha Reynolds, Nichole Rosamilia, Jenny Sanders, Jonathan Vance, Abigail Vitale, Stenka Vulova, Jessica Watkins, and Abby Zylla. The Coweeta Listening Project web page was developed by Nik Heynen and Carrie Bishop. The Listening Project's map interface was designed by Dean Hardy in collaboration with the UGA ICON Ph.D. Program First Year Cohort.

The Coweeta LTER website depends and thrives upon contributions from all of Coweeta's PIs, Staff, and Students.