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IM Lab
document How to print and bind a thesis at UGA Print & Copy Center
1. Fill out the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Request Form. Payment information can be obtained from the Information Manager. View a sample form. 2. Take an electronic copy (on a thumb drive) with the form to the UGA Print & Copy Center.
21 Jun, 2011
document Configuring and Using the ArcGIS 9.x License Manager
Overview These instructions explain how to lock the dynamic ArcGIS license manager server daemon to static outgoing and incoming TCP ports. They also explain how to configure a client computer running ArcGIS Workstation and/or Desktop to use the License Manager Server in lieu of an on-board...
24 Feb, 2012
document ILSASS Instructions
Below please find instructions for using this blog. Good luck and happy blogging. Please note that these instructions are also available here: To login: Visit the site ( In the tools section of the...
21 Jun, 2011
document Guidelines for Powerpoint Design
General advice Ambiguous language (sentence fragments, passive voice, unclear defnitions) weaken important material. Clipart has no content in it and won’t get any points across. Never read aloud from slides It is better to have slides with only images on them and talk about the images...
21 Jun, 2011
document Teleconferencing Options on the UGA Campus
There are several teleconferencing options available for both Coweeta LTER and the UGA Anthropology Department. The following article describes the Sustainable Human Ecosystems Laboratory Teleconferencing Room (SHELTR) and other options, including Wimba and Virtual Teleconferencing. Sustainable...
21 Jun, 2011
document Using GotoMeeting
The Coweeta LTER's GoToMeeting subscription allows users to participate in voice and video conferencing and it allows the sharing of computer screens. Meetings are scheduled centrally and instructions for scheduling meetings are available at the bottom of the Coweeta LTER's general information...
23 Apr, 2013
document Guidelines for Poster Design
When you start a new poster, set up the page size as no more than 42 (height) x 60 inches (width). While 42 x 60 is the maximum poster size, 36 x 48 preferred. Background picture must be high resolution (~300 dpi) so it is not pixilated when printed. The background should not be distracting...
21 Jun, 2011
document An Organizer's Guide to GoToMeeting at the Coweeta LTER
 The Coweeta LTER's GoToMeeting subscription allows users to participate in voice and video conferencing and to share computer screens. This page provides the information that organizers need to schedule, start, and manage meetings using GoToMeeting and the Coweeta IM Lab's Sustainable Human...
27 Jan, 2012
document How to add the main printer to your computer.
This document explains how to install the driver for the main black and white printer in the Information Management Laboratory. 1. Get the IP Address for the printer from the Information Manager. 2. Determine what Operating System you are using (probably Windows 7 and not Windows 7 64x), by...
12 Jun, 2013