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An Organizer's Guide to GoToMeeting at the Coweeta LTER

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Last updated: 27 Jan, 2012

 The Coweeta LTER's GoToMeeting subscription allows users to participate in voice and video conferencing and to share computer screens. This page provides the information that organizers need to schedule, start, and manage meetings using GoToMeeting and the Coweeta IM Lab's Sustainable Human Ecosystems Laboratory Teleconferencing Room (SHELTR)

Typically, a GoToMeeting Organizer will set up sessions in response to requests from members of the Coweeta LTER or the faculty or staff from the UGA Department of Anthropology. The SHELTR information page includes templates for standard requests to use the teleconferencing system. Organizers should direct parties that are interested in the teleconferencing system to this page as a means of answering their questions and as a means of submitting requests to appropriate personnel. These requests should look like this:

Below please find a request to reserve the Coweeta LTER's Teleconferencing Services.

Meeting Title:
Preferred Date:
Preferred Start:
Preferred End:

Backup Date:
Backup Start:
Backup End:

List of participant names and email addresses:

SHELTR reservation (y or n)?
Gotomeeting reservation (y or n)?

Once a request has been received, an organizer must first reserve the resources necessary. The Teleconferencing Room itself can be reserved using the Coweeta LTER Reservation System. Authorized users can select the "View Ability / Make Reservations" option on the left-hand toolbar. It may be necessary to Reserve both the Teleconferencing Room and the GoToMeeting system, depending on the needs of the user. In some cases, only one option will be needed.

In addition to reserving the resources internally, an Organizer must also schedule a meeting. To do this, an Organizer will open GoToMeeting on their desktop and schedule the meeting by filling in the required portions of the schedule meeting form.  The Title, Date, Start Time and End Time fields are crucial.

After the Organizer clicks the "Schedule" button they will be given they opportunity to copy a standard GoToMeeting invitation message to the clipboard, or the software will open their email client and create a standard GoToMeeting Invitation. All participants should receive this email as soon as the meeting is scheduled. The Coweeta LTER has an additional information page for GoToMeeting attendees that should probably be included with the standard email sent to our users. That page is:

Fifteen minutes or so before a meeting starts, the Organizer can proceed to the SHELTR, wake up or turn on the Power Mac, turn on the dual screens with the red "power" button on the Samsung remote, and click the GoToMeeting icon in the toolbar to start the software. At that point, the Organizer can click "My Meetings," select the appropriate meeting, and start it. Once the meeting has started, the Organizer should call the GotoMeeting number provided for the meeting using SHELTR's conference phone. This will maximize audio quality for local users and those on the other end. A long-distance (GIST) code is required. When all users are in attendance, the Organizer can either stay and participate if needed, or ask an attendee to close the software when finished and then leave.

It is also possible for the Organizer to start a meeting remotely from his or her desktop. In this case, if the Organizer intends to leave the meeting to the attendees, he or she can do so by simply attempting to close GoToMeeting, at which point the Organizer will be asked if they wish to end the meeting or promote an attendee. Once an attendee is promoted to Organizer, the original Organizer can exit. Note that such "promotions" are only active for the current session and will not be retained by the same user at a later meeting. At the end of any meeting, the current Organizer should end the meeting. If the meeting takes place in the SHELTR, the last person to leave should, exit from GoToMeeting, shut off the computer screens using the "off" button on the Samsung remote, leave the chairs neatly arranged around the table, and shut off the lights. This person should also eave the Power Mac running and the door open.

An excellent summary of the process above, minus the Coweeta LTER reservation system and the SHELTR, is provided by Citrix, the company that makes GoToMeeting.

GoToMeeting Organizer Training

Further questions about the SHELTR  and GoToMeeting should be directed to the Coweeta LTER Information Manager.  

Article ID: 100
Last updated: 27 Jan, 2012
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