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Spring leaf phenology

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Last updated: 23 Apr, 2013

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Spring vegetative bud break and leaf elongation are monitored at the two scaffold towers located at soil moisture microclimate stations 2 and 4. We have identified a variety of species at the elevational extremes within the Coweeta basin for this yearly monitoring project.

There are 10 branches that are marked and numbered as you ascend each tower; the branch marked include the whole branch until it attaches to the main trunk. Buds and leaves on the marked branches are those you use to make your phenology stage categorization. In the spring we use a numbering system from 1 to 5. Stage 1 is a bud in its winter stage with no sign of expansion and 5 is a fully elongated leaf. Please refer to photos provided here as a guide to making the proper categorization. Measurements are typically started in mid March and are continued weekly until all leaves are fully elongated. This is usually sometime in mid to late May for the upper tower.

Prior to climbing scaffold tower please make sure all guy wires are properly fastened and that the plumb bob is hanging parallel to the tower to assure safe tower conditions. Always have at least one hand and one foot safely secured to the tower rails and steps when climbing and descending. Also, make sure you enjoy the view at the top!

Station/Tower Branch Number Height About Soil (m) Species Code Bud State ___/___/_____
2 1 4 Nysy
2 2 5 Nysy
2 3 6 Acru
2 4 8 Acru
2 5 8 Oxar
2 6 9 Qupr
2 7 9 Qupr
2 8 14 Qupr
2 9 15 Qupr
2 10 16 Qupr

Station/Tower Branch Number Height About Soil (m) Species Code Bud State ___/___/_____
4 1 2 Rhca
4 2 3 Rhca
4 3 8 Havi
4 4 8 Qupr
4 5 10 Amar
4 6 13 Amar
4 7 15 Quru
4 8 15 Qupr
4 9 15 Quru
4 10 17 Quru

Article ID: 2
Last updated: 23 Apr, 2013
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