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Using GotoMeeting

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Last updated: 23 Apr, 2013

The Coweeta LTER's GoToMeeting subscription allows users to participate in voice and video conferencing and it allows the sharing of computer screens. Meetings are scheduled centrally and instructions for scheduling meetings are available at the bottom of the Coweeta LTER's general information page on teleconferencing. Prior to the meeting, you will receive an email from the meeting organizer. The email will give you a date and time and will ask you to join a GoToMeeting session. The contents of the email will look like this:

1. Please join my meeting.

2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.
Access Code: ZZZ-ZZZ-ZZZ
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting


The digits represented by ā€œZā€ will be the Meeting ID. Those represented by ā€œYā€ will be the conference call phone number.

 Once you receive the email, click on the link in "1," above. This will install a small GoToMeeting applet on your computer, and will give you a log you in, after you have provided the email address to which I sent your invitation (e.g. the one listed on the Coweeta website).

Below are some Best Practices for ensuring high quality audio during your GotoMeeting session:


Dialing in to the meeting using a telephone is easier to set up and configure properly, and tends to work more reliably. Microphones and speakers have a much wider range of options and settings which can lead to problems if they are not configured properly.

Keep your communication device muted when you are not speaking. This will cut down on extra noise that will be broadcast to all attendees. These noises can quickly add up when there are many meeting attendees, and can cause unpleasant audio problems.


If you are dialing in with a telephone, always enter the audio PIN that is provided to you. This will allow all participants to view who is talking. It will also allow you to mute your telephone through GotoMeeting by clicking the square green button with a microphone on it in the upper left corner of the GotoMeeting control panel.

If you join your meeting via telephone, make sure the audio setting on your Control Panel is not set to Mic & Speakers.

If you join the conference by phone, make sure that any other phones and data devices (BlackBerry, iPhone) are either turned off or are away from your computer.

Microphone and Speakers

If you are using a microphone and speakers, make sure that audio is not set to telephone.

It is preferable to use a headset with a microphone and headphones. This will isolate the microphone from your speakers and reduce the chance of echo.

Much like using the telephone for the meeting, it is best to mute your microphone when you are not speaking. This is done by clicking the green box with a picture of a microphone in the upper left of the GoToMeeting control panel to mute and un-mute yourself.

Built-in or external speakers can cause echo. It is recommended to reduce the speaker volume to a low level.

Laptops with built-in microphones can pick up noise and cause echo. Using a built-in microphone for your audio is not recommended. If you know how to turn off your laptop's built-in microphone, turn it off for your meeting (check your laptop's owner manual).

Webcams with microphones can pick up additional noise and cause echo. Using a webcam for your audio is not recommended.

Electronic devices can affect the sound quality of microphones and speakers. To avoid this, keep any electronic handheld devices away from your microphone and speakers during your meeting.

At the end of any GoToMeeting session, an Organizer will end the meeting by quitting the copy of GoToMeeting on their computer. If the meeting takes place in the SHELTR, the last person to leave should, exit from GoToMeeting, shut off the computer screens using the "off" button on the Samsung remote, leave the chairs neatly arranged around the table, and shut off the lights. This person should also eave the Power Mac running and the door open.

If you would like further information about using GotoMeeting, please see the following videos provided by Citrix, the company that makes GoToMeeting:

The GoToMeeting Attendee Quick Start

Getting Started on a PC (2:15)

Getting Started on a Mac (2:10)

Similar instruction videos or additional information pages are available in French, German, Italian, and Spanish and can be accessed by selecting the appropriate language at the bottom of each page. 

Article ID: 26
Last updated: 23 Apr, 2013
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