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Hemlock plots soil temperature HOBO Water Temp sensors

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Last updated: 23 Feb, 2011

3 control, non-hemlock plots located southeast of main office across Ball Creek
      Plot 10 was dropped due to installation of the Eddy Flux tower.
4 plots just off Ball Creek Rd (marked with multiple colored flagging tape)
4 plots just off Shope Fork Rd (marked with multiple colored flagging tape)

HOBO shuttle with good battery and ready to receive data.
Paper towels
Field notebook
Site map:
PC with HOBOwarePro software and usb cable to attach the HOBO shuttle

There are four HOBOs buried 5 cm into the mineral soil on each research plot (44 total). They are arranged at the corners of a square in the plot. At each corner there is white PVC tubing that stands vertically about 4 feet high. At the base of each tube there is a white flag. Hobos are buried near to the base of the white flag beneath the leaf litter and 5 cm into the mineral soil. Each HOBO has a metal tag with a unique ID number, which includes the plot number (1-12) and a letter (a, b, c, d) e.g. 3b.

At each location, remove the HOBO and wipe clean. Insert HOBO into shuttle and press the button on the shuttle. The indicator lights will let you know when the download and re-launch is complete. Re-insert the HOBO at 5 cm in the mineral soil and place the pin flag next to the HOBO.

Once all the HOBOs have been downloaded to the shuttle, return to the office and use the HOBOwarePro software to offload the shuttle. The data from each HOBO will be in a separate file that must be exported to an excel file for further processing. Look at the plot of each HOBO to ensure that the logger is functioning properly. Make sure that the data is reasonable for soil temperature and there are no gaps in the data. The HOBOs retain the data since the last time they were launched from a PC. These files get rather large over time and the HOBO will need to be brought in and re-launched every two years or so.

Make notes in the field book of any malfunctioning HOBOs. Use the HOBOware software to launch one of the spare HOBOs as a replacement for any that are malfunctioning. Make sure the HOBO is named for the location that it will be placed, the time on the computer it is being launched from is set for standard time, and it is set for hourly recordings. Also, set it for a delayed start on the hour after it will be re-buried.

Article ID: 4
Last updated: 23 Feb, 2011
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