CWT-LTER Data Catalog

This page links to repositories for all research data generated by the Coweeta LTER. Data are accessible through searchable catalogs and some records go back to 1934. 

Data Catalog  - Our data catalog provides downloadable data sets and metadata descriptions for research generated by CWT LTER Principal Investigators and students, as well our core data. These data have gone received thorough reviews for quality assurance and quality control and most are also available through the LTER Network Data Portal.

Streaming Data Portal - These data are provided in near-real time and are updated on a daily or weekly basis. Source data are either CWT LTER environmental sensor stations or data provided by other government agencies and re-organized for ease of use. These data have undergone basic, automated quality assurance and quality control but are provisional in some cases.

Geographic Information Systems data are available through our GIS Portal. Other Reference Data including demographic and special collections are available through our Specialty Database Portal. In addition, the Coweeta LTER provides support for LTER Network-wide databases, including:

  • SiteDB -- a database providing basic information on all LTER sites.
  • ClimDB and HydroDB -- databases that provide information on precipitation and streamflow across the LTER network.
  • EcoTrends -- a series of databases providing research data collected in common by nearly all LTER sites. The EcoTrends Socioeconomic Catalog was developed here at Coweeta and a version is hosted locally.

Please note the following important policies related to Coweeta LTER data use.

Data Policy - Includes Terms of Use for Coweeta LTER research data.
Project Proposal Form - The first step to conducting research at Coweeta.
Publication Policy - Terms for publishing based upon research at Coweeta.