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CWT Data Use Agreement

Data collected under the auspices of the Coweeta LTER are available to qualified scientific interests after primary publication, or at most two years after the completion of the study unless proprietary restrictions are warranted. Use of CWT LTER data is subject to acceptance of the following conditions:

  1. The user agrees to provide valid name and contact information prior to downloading online data.  This information will be used to contact the user in case of changes to the data, and may also be used by data set authors and CWT LTER project administrators to prepare NSF progress reports.
  2. The user agrees to cite the author and CWT LTER project according to the instructions in the data documentation in all publications based on the data.
  3. The user agrees to provide one copy of any manuscript based on CWT LTER data to the data set author prior to submitting it for publication.
  4. The user agrees to send electronic or hard copies of any published manuscript based on CWT LTER data to the following address:

    For electronic copies:
    For hard copies: Kathy Flowers
    Coweeta Hyrdologic Laboratory
    3160 Coweeta Lab Road Otto, NC  28736-9218

  5. Users are prohibited from selling or redistributing any data provided by the CWT LTER program without explicit prior permission.
  6. Extensive efforts are made to ensure that online data is accurate and up to date, but the authors and the CWT LTER program cannot take responsibility for any errors that may exist in data provided online.  Furthermore, the user assumes all responsibility for errors in analysis or judgment resulting from use of the data.