CWT-LTER Data Set Summary

Accession: 1143 CWT Research Theme: Chemistry
Contributors: Lawrence E. Band, Jason Love, Ryan Emanuel
Title: Groundwater well chemistry from 7 Hillslope Project sites in Macon County, North Carolina, within the Upper Little Tennessee River Basin
Abstract: Shallow groundwater wells were installed at 7 sites throughout Macon County, NC beginning in 2011. Sites represent a gradient of land use, including relatively undisturbed forests, valley bottomlands in agriculture, and mountain developments. Nine groundwater wells were placed along 3 "ridge-to-riparian" transects at each site. Collections were made every other week.
Key Words: ammonium, biogeochemistry, calcium, chemistry, chloride, dissolved nutrients, dissolved organic carbon, disturbance, gradient, groundwater, hillslopes, inorganic nutrients, land use, magnesium, nitrogen compounds, nutrients, phosphate, potassium, sulfate, water, water chemistry
LTER Core Area: Movement of Inorganic Matter
CWT Themes: Chemistry, General Nutrient Chemistry
Study Type: Coweeta Hillslope Hydrogeology Study
Study Period: 29-Nov-2011 to 25-Sep-2013
Site References:
ULTRB -- Upper Little Tennessee River Basin, North Carolina, USA
WS14 -- Watershed 14, Macon County, North Carolina, USA
CWTBASIN -- Coweeta Basin, Macon County, North Carolina, USA
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Data Table: Groundwater_chemistry_data_1143 (Groundwater chemistry data 1143, 1250)

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Column List:

Column Name Units Type Description (hide)
1 Description none alphanumeric string Name or location of stream
2 Site none alphanumeric string 4 letter acronym for site
3 Plot none alphanumeric string Plot ID
4 Year YYYY integer Year sample collected
5 Month MM integer Month sample collected
6 Day DD integer Day sample collected
7 TN mg/L floating-point Total Nitrogen
8 Flag_TN none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Total Nitrogen (flagging criteria, where "x" is TN: x<0.015="I", x>10="I", x<0.015="Q", x>10="Q")
9 NH4-N mg/L floating-point Ammonium-nitrogen
10 Flag_NH4-N none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Ammonium-nitrogen (flagging criteria, where "x" is NH4-N: x<0.002="I", x>5="I", x<0.002="Q", x>5="Q")
11 Cl mg/L floating-point Chloride
12 NO3-N mg/L floating-point Nitrate-nitrogen
13 Flag_NO3-N none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Nitrate-nitrogen (flagging criteria, where "x" is NO3-N: x<0.002="I", x>10="I", x<0.002="Q", x>10="Q")
14 O-PO4 mg/L floating-point Phosphate
15 Flag_O-PO4 none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Phosphate (flagging criteria, where "x" is O-PO4: x<0.003="I", x>1="I", x<0.003="Q", x>1="Q")
16 SO4 mg/L floating-point Sulfate
17 K mg/L floating-point Potassium
18 Na mg/L floating-point Sodium
19 Ca mg/L floating-point Calcium
20 Flag_Ca none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Calcium (flagging criteria, where "x" is Ca: x<0.026="I", x>25="I", x<0.026="Q", x>25="Q")
21 Mg mg/L floating-point Magnesium
22 Comments none alphanumeric string Notes about the data