CWT-LTER Data Set Summary

Accession: 4044 CWT Research Theme: Regional Characterization
Contributors: Jackson R. Webster, David Leigh, Rhett Jackson, Fred Benfield, Maury Vallett, Jennifer Knoepp, Katie Price, Jeff Hepinstall-Cymerman, Cindi Brown, Jason Love
Title: Coweeta LTER Synoptic Data from 49 sampling sites in the Upper Little Tennessee River Basin from 2009 to 2010 (Chemistry Data)
Abstract: Coweeta LTER researchers sampled fifty-eight stream sites in the Upper Little Tennessee River Basin in February and June of 2009. Sites were selected to represent the range of land cover and land use within the basin. This datasets includes stream chemistry data from both the winter and summer sampling events. A whitepaper on the Synoptic field sampling activites can be found at:
Key Words: biogeochemistry, carbon, chemistry, conductivity, Coweeta LTER, dry weight, geomorphology, global positioning system, land use, Little Tennessee watershed, locations, long term ecological research, LTR watershed, nitrogen, organic carbon, oxygen, phosphorus, riparian, sampling, soluble reactive phosphorus, specific conductance, streams, synoptic sampling, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, turbidity, water quality, water temperature, watersheds
LTER Core Area: Disturbance Patterns
CWT Themes: Regional Characterization, Chemistry, Fluvial Geomorphology
Study Type: Coweeta Synoptic Sampling Program
Study Period: 09-Feb-2009 to 31-Jul-2009
Site References:
ULTRB -- Upper Little Tennessee River Basin, North Carolina, USA
CWTBASIN -- Coweeta Basin, Macon County, North Carolina, USA
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Data Table: LTR_REG_4044 (Coweeta Synoptic Chemistry Data Set, 58)

Access: Public (released 15-May-2012)

Metadata: Text (ESA FLED), Basic EML, Complete EML

Data Formats: Spreadsheet CSV Text Format, EML-described Text Format, Tab-delimited Text Report with Statistical Summary, GCE Data Toolbox Format, Standard MATLAB Variables Format

Column List:

Column Name Units Type Description (hide)
1 Site_Name none alphanumeric string unique id for sampling site
2 Site_Number none integer sequential site number
3 Winter_Spec_Cond uS/cm floating-point winter specific conductance
4 Winter_Turb NTU floating-point winter turbidity
5 Winter_NH4_N mg/L floating-point winter ammonium
6 Winter_NO3_N mg/L floating-point winter nitrate
7 Winter_TDP mg/L floating-point winter total dissolved phosphorous
8 Winter_DOC mg/L floating-point winter dissolved organic carbon
9 Winter_TN mg/L floating-point winter total nitrogen
10 Winter_TSS mg/L floating-point winter total suspended solids
11 Winter_TSS_AFDM mg/L floating-point winter ash free dry mass of TSS
12 Winter_TSS_Ash mg/L floating-point winter ash of TSS
13 Winter_TSS_percent_organic % floating-point winter percent organic matter of TSS
14 Winter_DON mg/L floating-point winter dissolved organic nitrogen
15 Summer_Spec_Cond uS/cm floating-point summer specific conductance
16 Summer_Turb NTU floating-point summer turbidity
17 Summer_ NH4_N mg/L floating-point summer ammonium
18 Summer_ NO3_N mg/L floating-point summer nitrate
19 Summer_PO4_P mg/L floating-point summer dissolved inorganic phosphorous
20 Summer_TDP mg/L floating-point summer total dissolved phosphorous
21 Summer_DOC mg/L floating-point summer dissolved organic carbon
22 Summer_TN mg/L floating-point summer total nitrogen
23 Summer_TSS mg/L floating-point summer total suspended solids
24 Summer_TSS_AFDM mg/L floating-point summer ash free dry mass of TSS
25 Summer_TSS_Ash mg/L floating-point summer ash of TSS
26 Summer_TSS_percent_organic % floating-point summer percent organic matter of TSS
27 Summer_K mg/L floating-point summer potassium
28 Summer_Na mg/L floating-point summer sodium
29 Summer_Ca mg/L floating-point summer calcium
30 Summer_Mg mg/L floating-point summer magnesium
31 Summer_Cl mg/L floating-point summer chloride
32 Summer_SO4 mg/L floating-point summer sulfate
33 Summer_DON mg/L floating-point summer dissolved organic nitrogen