CWT-LTER Data Set Summary

Accession: 4050 CWT Research Theme: Water Quality and Quantity
Contributors: Lawrence E. Band, Ryan Emanuel, Jason Love
Title: Groundwater well specifications from 9 Hillslope Project sites in Macon County, North Carolina, within the Upper Little Tennessee River Basin
Abstract: The hillslope study was established to directly link land use impacts to streamwater quality in the southern Appalachian Mountains. Nine sites were selected in the Little Tennessee River watershed in Macon County, NC, representing four land use types: forest, mountain development, traditional valley, and large river valley. At each of these sites, three subsurface flowpaths were identified, and four plots were established along the flowpath following the elevation gradient. At seven of the nine sites, the three lower elevation plots at one of the subsurface flowpaths had ground water wells installed in order to measure groundwater stage along an elevational gradient. A total of 61 groundwater wells were installed and their depths recorded.
Key Words: disturbance patterns, groundwater, hydrology, Little Tennessee River Watershed, Macon County, North Carolina, water, water table
LTER Core Area: Movement of Inorganic Matter
CWT Themes: Water Quality and Quantity, Disturbance and Land Use, Groundwater, Hydrology
Study Type: Coweeta Hillslope Hydrogeology Study
Study Period: 01-Mar-2011 to 01-Aug-2012
Site References:
ULTRB -- Upper Little Tennessee River Basin, North Carolina, USA
CWTBASIN -- Coweeta Basin, Macon County, North Carolina, USA
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Data References: 1143, 4048, 4049, 4052

Data Table: Well_specs (Groundwater Well Specifications, 61)

Access: Public (released 26-Apr-2018)

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Column List:

Column Name Units Type Description (hide)
1 Site none alphanumeric string 4 letter code for site
2 Plot none alphanumeric string Plot ID
3 UTM_Northing m floating-point UTM Northing Coordinate
4 UTM_Easting m floating-point UTM Easting Coordinate
5 Total_Pipe_Length cm floating-point Total Length of pipe casing
6 Above_Ground_Length cm floating-point Length of pipe casing above ground level
7 Well_Depth cm floating-point Total depth of well below ground level