CWT-LTER Data Set Summary

Accession: 4066 CWT Research Theme: Disturbance and Land Use
Contributors: Jackson R. Webster, Rhett Jackson, Jason Love
Title: Stream sampling for total suspended solids (TSS), volatile suspended solids (VSS), and chemistry during storm events at the Coweeta LTER intensive and hillslope sites in Macon County, NC.
Abstract: Stream storm samples were collected at 21 streams and rivers in Macon County, NC. Nine intensive sites were monitored in 2010-2011, nine hillslope sites were monitored in 2012-2013, and three river sites were monitored from 2010-2013. An ISCO water sampler was used to collect stream water samples during storm events. Water samples were analyzed at the Coweeta Analytical Lab.
Key Words: ammonium, anions, cations, chemistry, Coweeta LTER, Little Tennessee River Watershed, Macon County, nitrates, North Carolina, nutrients, phosphates, sediment, stream storm samples, total suspended solids, volatile suspended solids
LTER Core Area: Disturbance Patterns
CWT Themes: Disturbance and Land Use, Dendrochronology, General Nutrient Chemistry, Hydrology, Water Quality and Quantity
Study Type: Coweeta Hillslope Hydrogeology Study
Study Period: 27-Sep-2010 to 12-Jul-2013
Site References:
ULTRB -- Upper Little Tennessee River Basin, North Carolina, USA
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Data Table: 4066_storm (Analytical data for storm samples, 3432)

Access: Public (released 11-Dec-2018)

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Column List:

Column Name Units Type Description (hide)
1 Description none alphanumeric string Name of stream
2 Site none alphanumeric string 4 letter acronym for stream and river sites
3 ISCO_Number none integer Sample bottle number
4 Collection_Date mm/dd/yyyy alphanumeric string Date that technician collected sample from ISCO
5 ISCO_Date_Time yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS alphanumeric string Date and time ISCO obtained sample
6 ISCO_Stage_Raw mm floating-point Stream stage unedited
7 ISCO_Stage_Edited mm floating-point Stream stage edited; Data anomalies caused by sedimentation, dislodged probes, and calibrations were edited using Flowlink 5.1; edited data were matched to surrounding data and/or to manual measurements
8 USGS_Stage mm floating-point Stream stage data from USGS stream gauge for CARG, NEMG, PRGA, and GIBS
9 USGS_Discharge ft^3/s floating-point Stream discharge data from USGS stream gauge for CARG, NEMG, PRGA, and GIBS
10 TSS mg/L floating-point Total Suspended Solids
11 VSS mg/L floating-point Volatile Suspended Solids
12 Flag_VSS none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Volatile Suspended Solids (flagging criteria, where "x" is VSS: x<0="I")
13 TN mg/L floating-point Total Nitrogen
14 Flag_TN none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Total Nitrogen (flagging criteria, where "x" is TN: x<0.0150448226569707="I", x>125="I", x<0.0150448226569707="Q", x>125="Q")
15 NH4_N mg/L floating-point Ammonium-nitrogen
16 Flag_NH4_N none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Ammonium-nitrogen (flagging criteria, where "x" is NH4_N: x<0.00210722795169236="I", x>20="I", x<0.00210722795169236="Q", x>20="Q")
17 Cl mg/L floating-point Chloride
18 NO3_N mg/L floating-point Nitrate-nitrogen
19 Flag_NO3_N none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Nitrate-nitrogen (flagging criteria, where "x" is NO3_N: x<0.00195386113671897="I", x>110="I", x<0.00195386113671897="Q", x>110="Q")
20 O_PO4 mg/L floating-point Phosphate
21 Flag_O_PO4 none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Phosphate (flagging criteria, where "x" is O_PO4: x<0.00316688913443974="I", x>5="I", x<0.00316688913443974="Q", x>5="Q")
22 SO4 mg/L floating-point Sulfate
23 K mg/L floating-point Potassium
24 Na mg/L floating-point Sodium
25 Flag_Na none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Sodium (flagging criteria, where "x" is Na: x<0.0120578762186693="I", x>10="I", x<0.0120578762186693="Q", x>10="Q")
26 Ca mg/L floating-point Calcium
27 Mg mg/L floating-point Magesium
28 Total_P mg/L floating-point Total Phosphorus
29 Flag_Total_P none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Total Phosphorus (flagging criteria, where "x" is Total_P: x<0.008="I", x>0.2="I", x<0.008="Q", x>0.2="Q")
30 Comments none alphanumeric string comments