CWT-LTER Data Set Summary

Accession: 1157 CWT Research Theme: Disturbance and Land Use
Contributors: Jennifer D. Knoepp, Jason Love, Joel Scott, Katie Bower, Bob McCollum
Title: Maximum soil depth measurements from the Terrestrial Gradient plots at the Coweeta Hydrologic Lab in Macon County, NC.
Abstract: Maximum soil depths were assessed as part of the soil chemistry studies at the gradient plots at the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory in Macon County, North Carolina. There were 5 sites representing an elevational gradient and different forest types. A soil probe was used to estimate the maximum soil depth of each of the 80 x 80 -m plots at each site.
Key Words: Disturbance Patterns, Movement of Organic Matter, elevation, gradient, Macon County, North Carolina, nutrients, soil chemistry, soil depth
LTER Core Area: Movement of Inorganic Matter
CWT Themes: Disturbance and Land Use, Geology
Study Type: Coweeta Terrestrial Study
Study Period: 19-Nov-2013 to 15-Jan-2014
Site References:
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Data Table: 1157_Max_soil_depth (Max soil depth for Terestrial Gradient plots, 40)

Access: Public (released 28-Mar-2018)

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Column List:

Column Name Units Type Description (hide)
1 Site none alphanumeric string Site number
2 x m floating-point x coordinates of plot
3 y m floating-point y coordinates of plot
4 Soil_Depth cm floating-point Depth of soil
5 Date mm/dd/yyyy alphanumeric string Date of soil depth measurement
6 Comments none alphanumeric string Notes about the measurement