CWT-LTER Data Set Summary

Accession: 4058 CWT Research Theme: Water Quality and Quantity
Contributors: David S. Leigh, Seth Younger
Title: Sediment Source Ascription of Forest Roads in the Upper Little Tennessee River Basin
Abstract: The purpose of this project was to better understand if geochemical fingerprinting could determine sediment provenance for catchments with and without USDA Forest Service Roads. Sediment source ascription is valuable because sediment is one of the most important non-point source pollutants affecting surface waters in the southeastern United States. Gravel roads represent surfaces of geologically fresh material, rich in weatherable minerals, some of which are preserved in transport, and distinguishable in sediment deposits. Sediment samples were collected from sources of active erosion as well as within the channel near watershed outlets. Analysis for 33 elements, along with statistical separation allowed provenance to be determined for roads and stream banks. Discriminant analysis shows that road sediment is differentiated by P, Mo, and Na. Bank sediment can be distinguished by Pb. Road sources accounted for 39 to 61 percent of bedload sediment and the remainder was from banks.
Key Words: bank erosion, erosion, geochemical, geomorphology, sedimentation, Southern Blue Ridge Mountains
LTER Core Area: Disturbance Patterns
CWT Themes: Water Quality and Quantity, Biogeochemistry
Study Type: Coweeta Water Quality and Quantity Study
Study Period: 23-Sep-2011 to 30-Apr-2012
Site References:
ULTRB -- Upper Little Tennessee River Basin, North Carolina, USA
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Data Table: 4058 (Main data table for data set 4058, 170)

Access: Public (released 16-Aug-2016)

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Column List:

Column Name Units Type Description (hide)
1 Sample none alphanumeric string Sample number
2 Date yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS alphanumeric string calendar date
3 UTM_Zone none alphanumeric string UTM Zone
4 UTM_Easting m floating-point UTM Easting
5 UTM_Northing m floating-point UTM Northing
6 Watershed none alphanumeric string Watershed name
7 Source none alphanumeric string Location type
8 Ag ppm floating-point Silver
9 Flag_Ag none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Silver (flagging criteria, where "x" is Ag: x<0.5="I", x>100="I")
10 Al % floating-point Aluminum
11 As ppm floating-point Arsenic
12 Flag_As none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Arsenic (flagging criteria, where "x" is As: x<5="I", x>10000="I")
13 Ba ppm floating-point Barium
14 Be ppm floating-point Beryllium
15 Bi ppm floating-point Bismuth
16 Flag_Bi none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Bismuth (flagging criteria, where "x" is Bi: x<2="I", x>10000="I")
17 Ca % floating-point Calcium
18 Cd ppm floating-point Cadmium
19 Flag_Cd none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Cadmium (flagging criteria, where "x" is Cd: x<0.5="I", x>1000="I")
20 Co ppm floating-point Cobalt
21 Cr ppm floating-point Chromium
22 Cu ppm floating-point Copper
23 Fe % floating-point Iron
24 Ga ppm floating-point Gallium
25 K % floating-point Potassium
26 La ppm floating-point Lanthanum
27 Mg % floating-point Magnesium
28 Mn ppm floating-point Manganese
29 Mo ppm floating-point Molybdenum
30 Flag_Mo none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Molybdenum (flagging criteria, where "x" is Mo: x<1="I", x>10000="I")
31 Na % floating-point Sodium
32 Ni ppm floating-point Nickel
33 P ppm floating-point Phosphorus
34 Pb ppm floating-point Lead
35 S % floating-point Sulfur
36 Flag_S none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Sulfur (flagging criteria, where "x" is S: x<0.01="I", x>10="I")
37 Sb ppm floating-point Antimony
38 Flag_Sb none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Antimony (flagging criteria, where "x" is Sb: x<5="I", x>10000="I")
39 Sc ppm floating-point Scandium
40 Sr ppm floating-point Strontium
41 Th ppm floating-point Thorium
42 Flag_Th none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Thorium (flagging criteria, where "x" is Th: x<20="I", x>10000="I")
43 Ti % floating-point Titanium
44 Tl ppm floating-point Thallium
45 Flag_Tl none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Thallium (flagging criteria, where "x" is Tl: x<10="I", x>10000="I")
46 U ppm floating-point Uranium
47 Flag_U none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Uranium (flagging criteria, where "x" is U: x<10="I", x>10000="I")
48 V ppm floating-point Vanadium
49 W ppm floating-point Tungsten
50 Flag_W none alphanumeric string QA/QC flags for Tungsten (flagging criteria, where "x" is W: x<10="I", x>10000="I")
51 Zn ppm floating-point Zink
52 LOI % floating-point Loss on ignition