CWT-LTER Data Set Summary

Accession: 4086 CWT Research Theme: Soil Analysis
Contributors: Paul Bolstad, Jason Love, Brian Herndon
Title: Soil particle analysis at 29 soil moisture monitoring plots in the southern Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina
Abstract: Soil was collected for bulk density and nutrient analysis. Subsamples were tested for particle analysis. Soil was taken from three plots in the Beetree watershed, three plots in Bent Creek Experimental Forest, and twenty-three plots in the Coweeta basin. The plots comprise a network of sensor stations that monitor soil moisture, soil temperature, and air temperature in the Southern Appalachians of western North Carolina.
Key Words: bulk density, particle analysis, soil, soil moisture, soil texture
LTER Core Area: Movement of Inorganic Matter
CWT Themes: Soil Analysis, Ecohydrology, Soil Moisture
Study Type: Regional Interactions Effort
Study Period: 17-Nov-2015 to 08-Jun-2018
Site References:
WS2 -- Watershed 2, Macon County, North Carolina, USA
WS5 -- Watershed 5, Macon County, North Carolina, USA
WS7 -- Watershed 7, Macon County, North Carolina, USA
WS14 -- Watershed 14, Macon County, North Carolina, USA
WS18 -- Watershed 18, North Carolina, USA
WS27 -- Watershed 27, North Carolina, USA
WS32 -- Watershed 32, Macon County, North Carolina, USA
WS36 -- Watershed 36, Macon County, North Carolina, USA
CWTBASIN -- Coweeta Basin, Macon County, North Carolina, USA
BUNCOMBE -- Buncombe County, NC, North Carolina, USA
FRENCHBRO -- French Broad River Basin, North Carolina & Tennessee, USA
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Data Table: 4086 (Soil particle analysis at 29 soil moisture monitoring plots, 290)

Access: CWT Members only (public release on 31-Dec-2019)

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Column List:

Column Name Units Type Description (hide)
1 Watershed none alphanumeric string Watershed name
2 Plot none alphanumeric string Pot ID
3 depth_range none alphanumeric string Depth range in cm of soil where sample was collected
4 time_elapsed min floating-point Time elapsed between readings
5 sample_weight g floating-point Mass of soil placed in solution
6 hydrometer_reading none floating-point Hydrometer reading
7 blank_hydrometer_reading none floating-point blank hydrometer reading
8 sample_temp °C floating-point Temperature of solution
9 blank_temp °C floating-point Temperature of blank solution
10 hydrometer_correction none floating-point hydrometer reading temperature correction
11 blank_hydrometer_correction none floating-point hydrometer reading temperature correction
12 hydro_minus_blank none floating-point Sample hydrometer readings minus blank hydrometer reading
13 percent_clay_silt % floating-point Percent clay and silt
14 percent_clay % floating-point Percent clay
15 percent_sand % floating-point Percent sand
16 Analysis_Date mm/dd/yyyy alphanumeric string analysis_date