CWT-LTER Data Set Summary

Accession: 5005 CWT Research Theme: Disturbance and Land Use
Contributors: Brian P. Herndon, Brian Herndon
Title: GIS vector data for sample locations and plots associated with the Hillslope Study in Macon County, NC
Abstract: The Hillslope Study sites represent a gradient of landscapes, including forested, valley agriculture, and mountain housing developments. These locations and plots were used to collect samples of various matrices for numerous analyses at differing intervals. The data set consists of Open Office spreadsheet and other files that document all the Hillslope Study locations.
Key Words: disturbance patterns, exurbanization, groundwater, Hillslope Study, hillslopes, inorganic matter, Macon County, organic matter, soils
LTER Core Area: Other Site Research
CWT Themes: Disturbance and Land Use, Hydrology, Land Use & Decision Making
Study Type: Coweeta Hillslope Hydrogeology Study
Study Period: 14-Nov-2013 to 20-Sep-2016
Site References:
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Data Table: Sample locations and plots ()

Access: Public (released 20-Sep-2016)

Metadata: Basic EML, Complete EML

Data Formats: unspecified