Cathy Pringle, Distinguished Research Professor

Cathy Pringle

Research Emphasis:

Species-community-ecosystem linkages, with a focus on effects of species loss on ecosystem structure and function.

CWT Committees:

CWT Science Advisory Committee

Contact Information:

Primary Organization:  University of Georgia

Mailing Address:

Dr. Catherine Pringle
Odum School of Ecology
308 Biological Sciences Building
Athens, GA 30602

Office Phone:  706.542.4289

FAX Number:  706.542.3344


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CWT Data Sets:

4077 (Leaf decomposition in relation to resource characteristics and consumer diversity)

4064 (Patch occupancy of stream fauna across a land cover gradient in the southern Appalachians, USA)

2017 (Consequences of non-random tree species loss on litter mass loss, nutrient dynamics, carbon cycling, and decomposer communities across a terrestrial-aquatic interface at Coweeta Hydrologic Lab, Otto, NC)

4057 (Terrestrial-Stream Biodiversity Litter Processing Datasets from Watershed 20 within the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory, Otto, NC)

4063 (Terrestrial-Stream Biodiversity Stream Datasets from the Ball Creek Watershed at the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory, Otto, NC)

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CWT Publications and Presentations: (custom bibliography)

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Books and Book Sections

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Conference Posters and Presentations

Dudley, M.P, S.Wenger, R. Jackson, K.J. Elliott, C.F. Miniat, and C.M. Pringle. 2018. Stream basal resources exhibit short-term resilience following reach-scale removal of a dominant riparian shrub. Society for Freshwater Science Annual Meeting, May 20-24, Detroit, MI.

Dudley, M.P., Wenger, S., Elliott, K.J., Miniat, C.F., Pringle, C.M. 2018. Can top-down control of algal and detrital resources by crayfish mediate the effect of removing a dense riparian shrub, Rhododendron maximum, in headwater streams? ESA Annual Meeting, August 5-10, 2018. New Orleans, LA.

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