Dan Markewitz, Associate Professor, UGA

Dan Markewitz

Research Emphasis:

Management of forest soil resourcs including fertilizer use efficiency, soil nutrient supplies, and long-term soil quality, effects of land management and land use change on soil and stream water chemistry, and watershed integrity.

Contact Information:

Primary Organization:  University of Georgia

Mailing Address:

Dr. Daniel Markewitz
Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources
202 Building 4
Athens, GA 30602

Office Phone:  706-542-0133

E-Mail:  dmarke@warnell.uga.edu

Web Page:  https://www.warnell.uga.edu/people/faculty/dr-daniel-markewitz

CWT Publications and Presentations:

Conference Posters and Presentations

Baas, Peter; Mohan, Jacqueline E.; Markewitz, Daniel; Knoepp, Jennifer D, 2014, Assessing Heterogeneity in Soil Nitrogen Cycling: A Plot-Scale Approach, Soil Science Society of America Journal, 78:S237-S247, doi:10.2136/sssaj2013.09.0380nafsc