Jennifer Knoepp, Research Soil Scientist

Jennifer Knoepp

Research Emphasis:

Examine the long-term effects of forest management practices, including alternative harvest practices and prescribed burning, on soil chemistry, nutrient availability, and nutrient cycling.Study the effects of changes in soil chemical composition on litter decomposition and nutrient uptake. Examine the changes in nutrient availability, soil chemistry, and soil biological processes along a climatic, vegetation, and elevation gradient.Study the role of coarse wood debris in forest systems in the Southern Appalachians.

Contact Information:

Primary Organization:  USDA Forest Service

Mailing Address:

Dr. Jennifer D. Knoepp
USDA Forest Service
3160 Coweeta Lab Road
Otto, NC 28763

Office Phone:  828.524.2128 x103

FAX Number:  828.369.6768


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CWT Data Sets:

CWT_HHS_1154 (Soil cation exchange capacity (CEC) at 9 hillslopes sites, Macon County, North Carolina in the Little Tennessee River watershed)

CWT_HHS_1152 (Soil pH at 9 Hillslope Sites in Macon County, North Carolina, within the Upper Little Tennessee River Basin)

CWT_HHS_1153 (Soil phosphorus at 9 hillslopes sites, Macon County, NC, within the upper Little Tennessee River basin)

1119 (Measurements of coarse woody debris at the Coweeta LTER Terrestrial Gradient Sites, Coweeta Hydrological Laboratory, Otto, NC from 2003 to 2014)

CWT_HHS_1151 (Forest floor cation content at 9 hilllslope sites in Macon County, NC, within the upper Little Tennessee River basin)

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CWT Publications and Presentations: (custom bibliography)

Journal Articles

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Books and Book Sections

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Conference Proceedings (Published Papers and Abstracts)

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Conference Posters and Presentations

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