Kim Novick, Assitant Professor

Kim Novick

Research Emphasis:

Our research projects are largely focused on explain spatial and temporal variation in the biosphere-atmosphere exchange of CO2 and H2O in the context of ongoing land use and climate change.

Contact Information:

Primary Organization:  Indiana University

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Dr. Kimberly A Novick
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
1315 E. Tenth Street
Bloomington, IN 47405

Office Phone:  812.855.3010


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CWT Publications and Presentations: (custom bibliography)

Journal Articles

Oishi, A.C. & Miniat, C.F. & Novick, K.A. & Brantley, Steven & Vose, James & Walker, John. 2018. Warmer temperatures reduce net carbon uptake, but do not affect water use, in a mature southern Appalachian forest. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 252. 269-282. 10.1016/j.agrformet.2018.01.011.

Novick, K. A., Oishi, A. C. and Miniat, C. F. (2016), Cold air drainage flows subsidize montane valley ecosystem productivity. Glob Change Biol. doi:10.1111/gcb.13320

Novick, K.A., Miniat, C.F. and Vose, J.M. (2016). Drought limitations to leaf-level gas exchange: results from a model linking stomatal optimization and cohesion tension theory. Plant Cell and Environment. 39:583-596. DOI: 10.1111/pce.12657

Novick, K.A., Oishi, A.C., Ward, E.J., Siqueira, M.B., Juang, J.-Y. and Stoy, P.C. 2015. On the difference in the net ecosystem exchange of CO2 between deciduous and evergreen forests in the southeastern United States. Global Change Biology. 21(2):827-842. (DOI: doi 10.1111/gcb.12723)

Kim, Dohyoung; Oren, Ram; Oishi, A. Christopher; Hsieh, Cheng-I; Phillips, Nathan; Novick, Kimberly A.; Stoy, Paul C. 2014. Sensitivity of stand transpiration to wind velocity in a mixed broadleaved deciduous forest. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 187: 62-27.

Novick, K.A., Brantley, S.T., Miniat, C.F., Walker, J. and Vose, J.M. 2014. Inferring the contribution of advection to total ecosystem scalar fluxes over a tall forest in complex terrain. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 185:1-13. (DOI:

Campbell, P.K.E., Middleton, E.M., Thome, K.J., Kokaly, R.F., Huemmrich, K.F., Lagomasino, D., Novick, K.A. and Brunsell, N.A. 2013. Hyperion reflectance time series at calibration and validation sites: stability and sensitivity to seasonal dynamics. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing. 6(2):276-290. (DOI: 10.1109/JSTARS.2013.2246139)

Novick, K., Walker, J., Chan, W., Schmidt, A., Sobek, C. and Vose, J.M. 2013. Eddy covariance measurements with a new fast-response, enclosed-path analyzer: Spectral characteristics and cross-system comparisons. Agricultural and Forest Meterology. 181:17-32. (DOI:

Conference Posters and Presentations

Zhang, Yulong; Novick, Kimberly A.; Song, Conghe; Zhang, Quan; Hwang, Taehee. 2017. Representation of physiological drought at ecosystem level based on model and eddy covariance measurements. American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting. Dec. 11-15, New Orleans, LA.