Larry Band, Ernest H. Ern Professor

Larry Band

Research Emphasis:

I am an eco-hydrologist with research spanning the continuum of natural through urban watersheds. I have a major interest in the role of forests and tree canopy on flooding and drought, the provision of high-quality freshwater, coupled water, carbon and nitrogen cycling, and vulnerability to climate and land use change.

CWT Committees:

CWT Science Advisory Committee

Contact Information:

Primary Organization:  Department of Environmental Sciences

Mailing Address:

Dr. Lawrence E. Band
University of Virginia
Department of Environmental Sciences
207 Clark Hall
Charlottesville, VA 27599

Office Phone:  434-924-7241


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CWT Data Sets:

4076 (In situ soil moisture measurements for the Hillslope study from 5 sites located in Macon County, North Carolina, within the Upper Little Tennessee River Basin)

1143 (Groundwater well chemistry at 7 hillslope sites located in Macon County, North Carolina, within the Upper Little Tennessee River Basin.)

4050 (Hillslope Study groundwater well specifications from 9 sites located in Macon County, North Carolina, within the Upper Little Tennessee River Basin.)

4052 (Hillslope Study manual well measurements from 9 sites located in Macon County, North Carolina, within the Upper Little Tennessee River Basin.)

4051 (Hillslope Study climate station measurements from 5 sites located in Macon County, North Carolina, within the Upper Little Tennessee River Basin.)

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CWT Publications and Presentations: (custom bibliography)

Journal Articles

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Conference Proceedings (Published Papers and Abstracts)

LE Band, L Lin, J Duncan, 2017. Integrating terrestrial through aquatic processing of water, carbon and nitrogen over hot, cold and lukewarm moments in mixed land use catchments. Invited talk, H21R-01, AGU Fall Meetings, New Orleans

Conference Posters and Presentations

Band, L.E., Hwang, T., Duncan, J.M., Tague, C., 2010. "Coupled ecosystem-geomorphic controls on the generation and transport of nitrogen through watersheds." American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2010

Hales, T. C.; Ford, C. R.; Hwang, T.; Vose, J.; Band, L. E.. 2009. Canopy Composition and Topographic Controls on Root Cohesion in Landslide-Prone Terrain, American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2009, abstract #EP43E-0684