Ryan Emanuel, Associate Professor of Hydrology

Ryan Emanuel

Research Emphasis:

Ecohydrology, Watershed Hydrology, Watershed Biogeochemistry, Secondary Ecosystem Succession, Land-Atmosphere Interaction

Contact Information:

Primary Organization:  North Carolina State University

Mailing Address:

Dr. Ryan E. Emanuel
Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources
North Carolina State University
Box 8008
Raleigh, NC 27695

Office Phone:  919-513-2511

E-Mail:  reemanue@ncsu.edu

Web Page:  http://go.ncsu.edu/ecohydrology

CWT Publications and Presentations: (custom bibliography)

Journal Articles

Singh, N. K., Emanuel, R. E., Nippgen, F., McGlynn, B. L., & Miniat, C. F. (2018). The relative influence of storm and landscape characteristics on shallow groundwater responses in forested headwater catchments. Water Resources Research, 54. https://doi.org/10.1029/2018WR022681

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Rice, Joshua S., R.E. Emanuel, and J.M. Vose. 2016. The influence of watershed characteristics on spatial patterns of trends in annual scale streamflow variability in the continental U.S., Journal of Hydrology. 540:850-860. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jhydrol.2016.07.006

Singh N.K., Reyes W.M., Bernhardt E.S., Bhattacharya R., Meyer J.L., Knoepp J.D., Emanuel R.E. 2016. Hydro-Climatological Influences on Long-Term Dissolved Organic Carbon in a Mountain Stream of the Southeastern United States. Journal of Environmental Quality. 45:1286-1295. doi:10.2134/jeq2015.10.0537

Singh, N. K., R. E. Emanuel, and B. L. McGlynn (2016), Variability in isotopic composition of base flow in two headwater streams of the southern Appalachians, Water Resour. Res., 52, 4264–4279, doi:10.1002/2015WR018463

Band, L. E., McDonnell, J. J., Duncan, J. M., Barros, A., Bejan, A., Burt, T., Dietrich, W. E., Emanuel, R. E., Hwang, T., Katul, G., Kim, Y., McGlynn, B., Miles, B., Porporato, A., Scaife, C. and Troch, P. A. (2014), Ecohydrological flow networks in the subsurface. Ecohydrol., 7: 1073–1078. doi:10.1002/eco.1525

Joshua S. Rice & Ryan E. Emanuel (2014): Landscape position and spatial patterns in the distribution of land use within the southern Appalachian Mountains, Physical Geography

Conference Posters and Presentations

Jackson, C.R., J.R. Webster, J.D. Knoepp, K.J. Elliott, R.E. Emanuel, C.F. Miniat. 2017. Long-term stream discharge and chemistry observations reveal unexpected dynamics: Coweeta Watershed 7 clearcut manipulation. Hydrology H026, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, 11-15 December 2017, New Orleans, LA.

Singh NK, Emanuel RE, McGlynn BL. 2017. “Variability in isotopic composition of baseflow in two headwater streams of the southern Appalachians” Eos Transactions AGU, 98(53), Fall Meeting Supplement, Abstract H42F-07 (Invited Talk)

Stewart AN, Knoepp JD, Miniat C, Oishi AC, Emanuel RE (2017) “Determination of Tree and Understory Water Sources and Residence Times Using Stable Isotopes in a Southern Appalachian Forest” Eos Transactions AGU, 98 (53), Fall Meeting Supplement, Abstract H23E-1728 (Poster)