Steven Brantley, Assistant Scientist

Steven Brantley

Research Emphasis:

Seasonal drivers of Rhododendron maximum transpiration in forest understories in the southern Appalachians. Consequences of shrub encroachment: Linking changes in canopy structure to shifts in the resource environment.

Contact Information:

Primary Organization:  Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center

Mailing Address:

Dr. Steven T. Brantley
Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center
3988 Jones Center Drive
Newton, GA 39870

Office Phone:  229-734-4706

Other Phone:  229-734-4707


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CWT Publications and Presentations: (custom bibliography)

Journal Articles

Oishi, A.C. & Miniat, C.F. & Novick, K.A. & Brantley, Steven & Vose, James & Walker, John. 2018. Warmer temperatures reduce net carbon uptake, but do not affect water use, in a mature southern Appalachian forest. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 252. 269-282. 10.1016/j.agrformet.2018.01.011.

Brantley, Steven T., Mayfield, Albert (Bud), Jetton, Robert M., Miniat, Chelcy F., Zietlow, David R.;, Brown, Cindi L., Rhea, Rusty (2017), Elevated light levels reduce hemlock woolly adelgid infestation and improve carbon balance of infested eastern hemlock seedlings, Forest Ecology and Management, 386:150-160,

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Brantley, Steven T., Morgan L. Schulte, Paul V. Bolstad, and Chelcy F. Miniat. 2016. Equations for Estimating Biomass, Foliage Area, and Sapwood of Small Trees in the Southern Appalachians. Forest Science. 62(4)414-421.

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Brantley, S. T., Miniat, C. F., Elliott, K. J., Laseter, S. H. and Vose, J. M. (2014), Changes to southern Appalachian water yield and stormflow after loss of a foundation species. Ecohydrology. Doi: 10.1002/eco.1521

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Brantley, S.T., Miniat, C.F. and Vose, J.M. 2013. Future species composition will affect forest water use after loss of eastern hemlock from southern Appalachian forests. Ecological Applications. 23(4):777-790. (DOI:

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Conference Posters and Presentations

Denham, S.; Oishi, A.C.; Miniat, C.F., Brantley, S.T.; Yi, K.; Novick, K.A. 2018. Forest Trees Are Not Equally Affected by Hydrologic and Atmospheric Drought. AGU Fall Meeting, Washington DC, USA.

Miniat, C.F., K.J. Elliott, J.D. Knoepp, P.V. Caldwell, A.C. Oishi, S.N.D. Hawthorne, and S.T. Brantley. How reforestation may impact water quantity and quality. Invited oral presentation at the USDA Forest Service Reforestation Matters Workshop: Understanding the costs of inadequate reforestation. April 12-13, 2017. Portland, Oregon.

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