Salli Dymond

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Salli Dymond

Research Emphasis:

The Relationship between Soil Moisture and Tree Productivity in Northern Minnesota I am looking at the impacts of climate change and water availability on forest productivity in the Marcell Experimental Forest in northern Minnesota. Using historical data, I will model past and future effects of available water on forests and use these predictions to recommend management strategies for forest planners working in similar ecosystems.

Contact Information:

Primary Organization:  Univeristy of Minnesota


CWT Publications and Presentations:

Journal Articles

Dymond, Salli F., Aust, W. Michael, Prisley, Stephen P., Eisenbies, Mark H., Vose, James M. (2014) Application of a Distributed Process-Based Hydrologic Model to Estimate the Effects of Forest Road Density on Stormflows in the Southern Appalachians, Forest Science, 60:6 1213-1223, doi:10.5849/forsci.13-60