Ted Gragson, CWT LPI, Professor of Anthropology

Ted Gragson

Research Emphasis:

Anthropogenic disturbance on ecological processes over large temporal and spatial scales.Social and economic processes tied to land use and land cover change.

CWT Committees:

CWT Science Advisory Committee

Contact Information:

Primary Organization:  University of Georgia

Mailing Address:

Dr. Ted L Gragson
250 Baldwin Hall
355 S. Jackson Street
Athens, GA 30602-1619

Office Phone:  706-542-1479

FAX Number:  706-542-3988

E-Mail:  tgragson@uga.edu

Web Page:  http://anthropology.uga.edu/directory/ted-gragson

CWT Publications and Presentations: (custom bibliography)

Journal Articles

Coughlan, Michael R. and T.L. Gragson. 2016. An Event History Analysis of Parcel Extensification and Household Abandonment in Pays Basque, French Pyrenees, 1830–1958 AD. Human Ecology. DOI:10.1007/s10745-016-9808-y.

Frisch, John R., Peterson, James T., Cecala, Kristen K., Maerz, John C., Jackson, C. Rhett, Gragson, Ted L., and Pringle, Catherine M. 2016. Patch occupancy of stream fauna across a land cover gradient in the southern Appalachians, USA. Hydrobiologia. 773:163-175. doi:10.1007/s10750-016-2695-9.

Brian J. Burke, Meredith Welch-Devine, Seth Gustafson, Nik Heynen, Jennifer L. Rice, Ted L. Gragson, Sakura R. Evans & Donald R. Nelson (2015): Can Science Writing Collectives Overcome Barriers to More Democratic Communication and Collaboration? Lessons from Environmental Communication Praxis in Southern Appalachia, Environmental Communication, DOI: 10.1080/17524032.2014.999695

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Gustafson, S., Heynen, N., Rice, J.L., Gragson, T., Shepherd, J.M., and Strother, C. (2014). Megapolitan political ecology and urban metabolism in southern Appalachia. The Professional Geographer. (DOI:10.1080/00330124.2014.905158)

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Books and Book Sections

Gragson, Ted L. 2012. The Contribution of Anthropology to Concepts Guiding LTSER Research. In Long term socio-ecological research: Studies in society-nature interactions across spatial and temporal scales, S. J. Singh, H. Haberl, M. Chertow, M. Mirtl, and M. Schmid, eds. Berlin: Springer.

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