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Title 441 creek
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This is a freely available landscape photo showing land use and landscape in the Upper Little Tennessee Watershed. Highway 441 is to the right and up a fairly steep bank from here. Probably less than 50 yards from here. To the left is the "auction yard" at the intersection of 441 + Watauga Road.

There is a large section of what appears to be PVC pip in the stream

Shot Data are as follows:

Shot Location (UTM Zone 17; Datum, NAD83): 286378 East x 3901306 North

Shot Azimuth: 252 degrees

Distance to Shot Centroid(m): 0


Attrib:Nix, Thomas O. 2010. 441 creek. Photograph provided courtesy of the Coweeta LTER. This photo may not be used or redistributed for commercial purposes and is subect to the restrictions of the Coweeta LTER Data Use Policy:

Key Words Bank height, Channel Habitat, Coweeta LTER, Creek, Dense vegetation, Macon County, North Carolina, Occasional tree, Shoulder+ Height, Streams, Upper Little Tennessee Watershed, Water Bodies
File Date Apr 01, 2013 (version 1)
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