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Title 3 Houses
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This is a freely available landscape photo showing land use and landscape in the Upper Little Tennessee Watershed. Ray Branch Watershed

Distance to "adopt a highway" sign = 69 yards

3 old houses near an inter section. Only the furthest away seems to be occupied.

Shot Data are as follows:

Shot Location (UTM Zone 17; Datum, NAD83): 271277 East x 3899377 North

Shot Azimuth: 265 degrees

Distance to Shot Centroid(m): 69


Attrib:Nix, Thomas O. 2011. 3 Houses. Photograph provided courtesy of the Coweeta LTER. This photo may not be used or redistributed for commercial purposes and is subect to the restrictions of the Coweeta LTER Data Use Policy:

Key Words 2 Lane, Coweeta LTER, Forest, Housing/Residence, Macon County, North Carolina, Paved Road, Power Lines, Residential, Residential Forest, Roads, Single Family, Upper Little Tennessee Watershed, Utilities
File Date Apr 01, 2013 (version 1)
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