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Title Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory Map (small, projected)
Archive All Files / GIS Raster Data / General GIS Data / Reference Maps

Small unprojected topographic map of the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory. Produced in 1972, this map is the standard map for fieldwork and field reference within the Coweeta Basin. This copy is a smaller version and has been projected for use in a GIS. Compiled by the US Forest service from areial photography taken in March, 1970.

File generated by KC Love, 2011.


Attrib:United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service (edited by K. C. Love). 2011. Topographic map of Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory (small, projected). Coweeta LTER File Archive. University of Georgia, Athens, GA. Http://

Key Words Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory, Coweeta LTER, Macon County, North Carolina, projected, small, topographic, USDA Forest Service
File Date May 31, 2011 (version 1)
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