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Title Coweeta Watershed 10m DEM
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These data were collected to reconstruct spatially-explicit land use/land cover change trajectories that were temporally consistent and at very high accuracies. The data were developed for four watersheds in Macon County, NC: Cartoogechaye, Coweeta, Skeenah Creek Watershed and Watauga. Buildings (pts) and roads (lines) were digitized from historic maps and aerial photographs and aligned where necessary for temporal consistency. Land cover was simultaneously classified across all years for each 25x25m pixel (1/16 ha) in order to maximize temporal consistency. A 10 meter DEM for each watershed was subset from USGS developed DEMS. These DEMS are useful as a mask for raster analyses and for derived additional data such as slope and aspect.


Attrib:United States Geological Survey (Edited by Ryan Kirk). 2007. Coweeta Watershed 10m DEM. University of Georgia, Athens, GA. Http://

Key Words 10m, Coweeta, Coweeta LTER, DEM, Elevation, Land Change Trajectories, Macon County, North Carolina, Upper Little Tennessee, Watershed
File Date Jun 13, 2011 (version 1)
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