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Title Skeenah Watershed Roads 1906
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These data were collected to reconstruct spatially-explicit land use/land cover change trajectories that were temporally consistent and at very high accuracies. The data were developed for four watersheds in Macon County, NC: Cartoogechaye, Coweeta, Skeenah Creek Watershed and Watauga. Buildings (pts) and roads (lines) were digitized from historic maps and aerial photographs and aligned where necessary for temporal consistency. Land cover was simultaneously classified across all years for each 25x25m pixel (1/16 ha) in order to maximize temporal consistency. Separate shapefiles are available for roads from several years. Roads for 1906 were digitized from original USGS topographic maps. Roads for 1929 were digitized from the original Soil Survey. All other years were digitized from aerial photographs. There are two attributes for road layers: road_class and roadClsName. Road_class is a numeric code and roadClsName is the associated name.

Code--Name (description)

1)--Main Highway (large multi-lane highway and off-ramps)

2)--Secondary Road (paved urban and suburban roads)

3)--Rural Road (smaller roads, most likely paved but not always)

4)--Driveway/farm road (short, dead-end segments to house or into fields)

5)--Unpaved Forest Road/Trail (most likely dirt; might be so narrow that ATV access is possible but no automobile)


Attrib:Coweeta LTER Land Change Trajectories Program (Compiled by Ryan Kirk). 2007. Roads in the Skeenah Watershed, 1906. University of Georgia, Athens, GA. Http://

Key Words 1906, Coweeta LTER, Land Change Trajectories, Macon County, North Carolina, Roads, Skeenah, Transportation, Upper Little Tennessee, Watershed
File Date Jun 16, 2011 (version 1)
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