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Title Coweeta Synoptic Sampling Program Final Field Points
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The field points were originally collected with a sportsman grade GPS unit for a long term study of the Coweeta synoptic sampling area's water quantity and quality due to anthropogenic influence. The GPS points for this dataset were collected by multiple scientists working on the Coweeta synoptic sampling project in July 2009


Attrib:Coweeta LTER Synoptic Sampling Program (Compiled by John Chamblee and Jessica Watkins). 2009. Coweeta Synoptic Sampling Final Field Points. University of Georgia, Athens, GA. Http://

Key Words Coweeta LTER, Field points, GPS, Macon County, North Carolina, Points, Synoptic Sampling, Upper Little Tennessee
File Date Jun 21, 2011 (version 1)
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