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Title Coweeta Synoptic Sampling Program Final Roads
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The road data was intended to help better visualize the amount of usage and traffic in the synoptic sampling study area. The road data was obtained from the Macon County GIS and has been clipped to only include the road data of the synoptic sampling watersheds.

Note: The road data for the synoptic sampling watersheds outside of Macon County is not included.


Attrib:Coweeta LTER Synoptic Sampling Program (Compiled by John Chamblee and Jessica Watkins). 2009. Coweeta Synoptic Sampling Final Roads. University of Georgia, Athens, GA. Http://

Key Words Coweeta LTER, Macon County, North Carolina, Roads, Synoptic Sampling, Transportation, Upper Little Tennessee
File Date Jun 21, 2011 (version 1)
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