Sampling Site WS17 (Watershed 17)

Site Description  

Name: Watershed 17

Location: Macon County, North Carolina, USA

Description: All woody vegetation cut in 1940 and re-growth cut annually thereafter in most years until 1955; no products removed. White pine planted in 1956 and released from hardwood competition as required with cutting or chemicals.

Site Map
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Site Geographic Description

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Rectangular Bounding Box Coordinates:

Corner Latitude, Longitude (deg)


-83.438102, 35.043460
-83.438102, 35.048636
-83.432962, 35.048636
-83.432962, 35.043460

Polygon Area:  12.91 hectares

Polygon Center:  -83.435678, 35.045931

Polygon Coordinates:

(not displayed)