Demographics Data

Southern Appalachian Block Level Demographics Data (7.2 Mb) - provided in ArcView Shape format, at the block level, the most focused coverage area publicly available - 1980 & 1990.
United States Historical Demographics -
The National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS)

Helpful Links:
US Census Bureau Population Statistics - a wide variety of information on social and economic characteristics of the population, such as household composition, ethnicity, and income and in-depth reports are prepared on important social, economic, and demographic issues.
US Census Bureau Data Tables and Tools - an overview of the data tables and tools provided by the US Census Bureau. They allow a user to produce custom reports from the Bureau's many data sets.

What is demographic data?
Demographics refer to the statistical characteristics that are used to describe populations. These characteristics include descriptors of people, such as age, race, sex, personal income, marital status, or educational attainment. Demographic characteristics can also refer to households and describe things like household size, household structure, family type, and household income. 

What formats does Coweeta LTER offer?
Files are offered in ESRI Shape files, directly viewable in ESRI ArcView/ArcMap software.

Are files georeferenced?
What projection is the data provided in?
All files are provided in Geographic (lat/lon).

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Information regarding Historical Census data:
The National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS)