Field Investigations: Overview

a Coweeta field siteThe Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory is among the largest outdoor experimental sites in the world, with a 75 year history of conducting research. Investigators interested in temperate forests and stream ecology are encouraged to consider Coweeta as a possible field site. Coweeta's busiest field season is typically May through August each year. However, portions of the Hydro Lab property are open year-round.

Researchers must obtain prior approval to conduct research on the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory property. To obtain approval, first contact the Coweeta LTER's Site Manager, who acts as the initial point of contact at the Hydro Lab for both the LTER and USDA Forest Service. All research conducted within the Coweeta Basin must be approved by the Forest Service Project Leader, whether or not it is directly supported by the LTER. All research within the Coweeta Basin or in a nearby area which is supported by the LTER must approved by the Coweeta Lead Principal Investigator (LPI). After contacting the Site Manager, interested researchers will be required to fill out a Project Proposal, which will be reviewed by the Site Manger, and either the Project Leader, the LPI, or both, depending on the project location and funding source. For more information on how to conduct LTER-supported research and use available facilities, visit our policies page.