Graduate Committee

The Coweeta Graduate Committee exists to give a voice to students participating in Coweeta-LTER supported research.  Coweeta LTER scientists are dispersed at multiple universities yet share research interests; collaborations among scientists from different disciplines with different specialties enhance the overall research program.  To enhance the collaborative environment within the Coweeta LTER the council is charged with facilitating communication among students at different universities, giving feedback to the Coweeta LPI(s), the Information Manager, and the Scientific Advisory Council, and coordinating graduate student responses to requests for information from Coweeta LTER leadership.  

Graduate student representation will occur at 2 levels: 1) a graduate committee, each member representing the interests of students at their home institution 2) a single Coweeta graduate representative representing the interests of all students within the Coweeta LTER.

The 2017-2018 Graduate Committee Representatives are:
Charles Scaife*, University of VirginiaEmail
Kevin Eliason, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Email
Maura Dudley, University of GeorgiaEmail

*CWT Network Graduate Representative.

 The charter for the CWT Graduate Committee is available here.