Schoolyard Publications, Press and Presentations

There have been several articles written and presentations given regarding the Coweeta Schoolyard Program and participants.


The Coweeta LTER schoolyard program study boxes: a model for hands-on science teaching resources, by S. C. Senseney. Published in The Institute for the Environment, Highlands Field Site: 2009 Internship Research Reports. Highlands, North Carolina, Highlands Biological Station.

Coweeta Schoolyard LTER, by Robert McCollum. Published in "Southern Aspect," US Forest Service Southern Research Station Newsletter, Asheville, North Carolina, Winter 1999 Issue, Volume 5, Number 1.


Mountain View garden gets boost with grants, The Franklin Press, 25 February 2011.

Paige Barlow: Ph.D. Candidate Studying Population Dynamics of Birds in Macon County, The Franklin Press, 18 February 2011.

Greeway Invasives Partnership update, The Franklin Press, 22 October 2010.

Science project in the spotlight, The Franklin Press, 20 November 2009.

Education project grooms budding scientists, Macon County News & Shopping Guide, 14 May 2009.

Middle school kids go outdoors, The Franklin Press, 13 May 2009.

Help for stream studies, The Franklin Press, 01 April 2009.

Intern comparing Carolina, Canadian hemlocks and adelgids, The Highlander, 9 November 2004.

CEP intern keeps track of air quality, The Highlander, 10 December 2002.

Carolina Environmental Program (CEP) Student Focuses on Forest Floor The Highlander, 12 October 2001.

Conservation Field Day Teaches Students About Environment The Macon County News, Thursday 08 June 2000, Volume 17, Number 49, Page 13.

MMS Students Participate in LTER Program The Franklin Press, Wednesday 15 March 2000, Volume 114, Number 21, Page A8.

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Deanne Oppermann Attends ESA Meeting The Franklin Press, Friday 21 May 1999, Volume 113, Number 40, Page A12.

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