Research by Coweeta PI shows the effect of Climate Change on Forests

A team led by Coweeta Principal Investigator James Clarke recently published an article in Global Change Biology demonstrating the varying ways in which climate change affects viable seed production and mortality among trees. The study involved measurements on growth, mortality, and fecundity from 27,000 trees taken over an 18 year period. Seven of the eleven research sites were located at the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory, with remainder being located at Mars Hill College and Duke Forest. A press release from the National Science Foundation comments on the significance of Professor Clark's contribution:

"'In a sense, what we've done is an epidemiological study on trees to better understand how and why certain species, or demographics, are sensitive to variation and in what ways,' says James Clark of Duke University, lead author of the paper.....The findings may help scientists and policymakers better predict which species are vulnerable to climate change and why."