Coweeta LTER Schoolyard Participant chosen to join Arctic Science Expedition


Susan Steiner, Science Teacher at Macon Early College (MEC), the alternative high school near Coweeta, has been chosen to participate in the PolarTREC expedition, "Tundra Nutrient Seasonality."  In February, she will travel to Fairbanks, Alaska for a week of training. The actual expedition will take place in late May through June. Ms. Steiner wants to actively involve students (K-12) in Macon County, NC.  Opportunities to participate will start the week of February 13 and extend through 2012/13 school year.   Ways to participate include the following:  reading the journals posted on the expedition website; posting questions in the "Ask the Team" forum;  and researching related topics about the Arctic, climate, and soils; Check out this link to see Ms. Steiner's bio page and to learn more about the expedition.  Beginning February 11, journal entries will begin to appear. Please email Ms. Steiner or call MEC at 306-7006 to find out more about how you or a student you know can become involved.