Coweeta LTER collaborates with USFS Bent Creek Experimental Forest

In November 2015, the Coweeta LTER began a collaboration with the Bent Creek Experimental Forest by establishing three environmental sensor stations to monitor soil moisture, soil temperature, and air temperature in ridge, side-slope, and cove locations.  Bent Creek Experimental Forest is part of the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station and is located in Asheville, NC.  Bent Creek is the oldest experimental forest in the East, established in 1925 to study rehabilitation of cutover, degraded forests.  Research in this 5,500 acre forest has expanded to study the ecology and productivity of forests by focusing on sustainable forestry practices.  By working together, the Coweeta LTER and the Bent Creek Experimental Forest will continue to learn more about southern Appalachian Forest ecosystems and the natural and human interactions that affect them.