Photo Gallery

At the Coweeta LTER, ecological science is about more than just data and publications. The Coweeta LTER is also about southern Appalachia. It is about the places we work and the neighbors and partners who live here. It is also scientists in action. In order to better capture this aspect of our work, we will continue to make available photographs documenting our research. We begin with a landscape photo gallery. We will add photos of research sites and scientists at work in the near future. Citation information is provided for every photo and all images in the gallery are available for download and non-commercial use, provided that they are used in accordance with our Data Use Agreement. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the Information Manager.

Landscape Photography -- The Coweeta LTER study area includes a wide variety of ecosystems and land uses. These coupled human and natural systems vary greatly across space and time -- both from year to year and season to season. This collection is an effort to capture some of that variation.

Site Photos -- This collection provides close-up photographs of Coweeta LTER study sites, plots, and sensor stations.

Phenology Stages -- This is the reference collection CWT LTER Field technicians use to judge classify phenology stages during field observations.