Coweeta Affiliations



There are a variety of ways to be affiliated with the Coweeta LTER. The table below lists the various roles that people play within our organization.

Title Description

Lead Principal Investigator

The Lead Principal Investigator (LPI) is the researcher in charge of the overall administration of the Coweeta LTER grant.

Principal Investigator

Principal Investigators (PIs) are researchers who are officially listed as grant participants during each funding cycle.

Post-Doctoral Associates

Post-Doctoral Associates conduct independent Coweeta LTER Program-supported research, while working closely with a sponsoring Coweeta LTER PI.

Site Manager

The Site Manager (SM) is responsible for overseeing the field research and facilities management conducted by the LTER. The Site Manager works out of the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory, in Otto, North Carolina.

Information Manager

The Information Manager (IM) responsible for the archiving, security, and dissemination of data and publications generated by research supported by the Coweeta LTER Program.


Staff members work in a variety of lab and field situations to advance the Coweeta LTER Program's research objectives. Some of the staff members listed in our personnel directory are fully funded by the Coweeta LTER, while others are USDA Forest Service employees are affiliated through their close cooperation with LTER staff and PIs.

Graduate Students

The Coweeta LTER Program provides support for graduate students in both Master's and Ph.D. programs. All Coweeta LTER affiliated graduate students have a Coweeta LTER PI as an advisor, though this person may not necessarily by the student's Major Professor.

Affiliated Investigators

The Coweeta LTER Program works with a variety of other institutions, including other universities, government agencies, and non-profits. Affiliated Investigators are those individuals are those with whom we have worked closely on one or more research projects, or for whom we are providing data management or other logistical support outside of our grant-funded and proposal supporting research.