Chemical Analytical Lab Policy

Only samples meeting the criteria outlined below may be submitted for analysis at the Coweeta Analytical lab (CAL). Only samples that conform to the CAL QA/QC protocols and shelf-life requirements can be analyzed by CAL. This ensures high quality data and the future reputation of the lab to ensure high quality data. Shelf-life requirements are attached along with relevant excerpts of the CAL QA/QC Procedures.

1. Only samples directly related to the actively funded Coweeta LTER will be analyzed in CAL. The capacity of the CAL does not currently allow support for the analysis of side or affiliated projects, projects funded by other grants, or cross site projects.

2. To request an analysis, the investigator must fill-out a "Request for Analytical Services" (sample attached) that documents the associated LTER project, sample type (e.g., water, soil, plant material, etc.), sample frequency, analyses requested, and a contact PI. Please send all requests to Cindi Brown. Requests will be reviewed by the Lab Manager, Gragson, and Vose/Knoepp to ensure analyses fall within the scope of the LTER proposal and within the capacity of the CAL.

3. Samples approved for analysis must be delivered to the laboratory ready for analysis as CAL personnel will not perform duties associated with sample preparation prior to analyses (e.g., grinding, sieving, soil extractions, plant digestions, etc.). Exceptions will be evaluated on a caseby- case basis.

4. On receipt of the prepared samples, investigators will be notified with an anticipated date of completion. Samples are placed in the queue for analysis; time required for analysis and return of data to the investigator depends both on the sample type (e.g., water, soil, plant) and lab priorities. When conducting pulsed sample collections notify CAL of sample dates as far in advance as possible.