The Coweeta LTER provides a wide variety of facilities and infrastructure to assist investigators with the conduct of their investigations. In order to provide smooth access to these resources, LTER staff have implemented a variety of procedures and expectations. This page provides a short introduction to our policies, and the sections outlined in the menu above provide greater detail.

Investigators must obtain prior approval to conduct research on the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory. Researchers who are seeking support from the Coweeta LTER must also obtain approval for collaboration prior to submitting a funding proposal. In either case, the first step in obtaining approval is talking with the Coweeta LTER's Site Manager, who acts as the initial point of contact at the Hydro Lab for both the LTER and USDA Forest Service. Research conducted within the Coweeta Basin must be approved by the Forest Service Project Leader, whether it is supported by the LTER or not. Research supported by the LTER must approved by the Coweeta Lead Principal Investigator, regardless of whether it is conducted within the Coweeta Basin or in a nearby area. After contacting the Site Manager, interested researchers will be required to fill out a Project Proposal, which will be reviewed by the Site Manager, and either the Project Leader, the LPI, or both, according to the location of and funding for the project.

Investigators who receive LTER support are expected to meet certain obligations in the sharing of their data and publications. Support can be either through direct funding, or it can be some form of indirect support, including analytical assistance, field assistance, or the use of vehicle, the residence, or data. Investigator obligations are based on NSF policies and LTER Network best practices and are covered in detail in both the data and publication sections of these policy pages. Investigators are strongly encouraged to review these materials early in the research process and direct any questions that they may have to the Site Manager, the Information Manager, or the Lead Principal Investigator. Please also refer to our Information Management Guide, which can guide you through the steps necessary to comply with Coweeta's Data Policy.