Publication Policy

Publications, theses and dissertations that meet any of the the following criteria should be submitted by the author for inclusion in the Coweeta Publications Catalog:

1) Publication was supported directly or indirectly by the National Science Foundation grant(s) to the Coweeta LTER program. Direct support might include funds for personnel, sample processing or equipment use; indirect support might include use of facilities such as the Coweeta Analytical Lab or the Coweeta Residence, assistance by Coweeta LTER field or laboratory technicians, or use of Coweeta LTER field vehicles and equipment.

2) Publication was based on research conducted in the Coweeta Basin.

3) Publication was based on research conducted by Coweeta LTER-affiliated faculty, staff or students within the southern Appalachian project area of the LTER Program.

4) Publication uses data sets collected in the Coweeta Basin or by Coweeta LTER researchers within the southern Appalachian LTER project area.

Please include the following or equivalent statement in the acknowledgement section of publications that are partially or fully supported by Coweeta LTER funding:

This research was supported by a National Science Foundation award DEB-0823293 from the Long Term Ecological Research Program to the Coweeta LTER Program at the University of Georgia. Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in the material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation or the University of Georgia.

To submit electronic copies, please email publications using the address For hard copies, please mail two reprints of journal publications and book chapters or one bound copy of all theses and dissertations to:  

Kathy Flowers

Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory

3160 Coweeta Lab Road

Otto, NC 28763-9218