Residence Policy

The Coweeta dormitory is run jointly between the U.S. Forest Service and the University of Georgia. Its primary purpose is to provide comfortable accommodations for researchers, graduate students, and summer students. The following categories of people are authorized to use the dormitory:

  • Coweeta LTER PIs, students, and technicians.
  • UGA investigators (must pay fee).
  • Non-UGA investigators (must pay fee).
  • Wives/husbands of investigators who are helping with research (must pay fee if non-LTER)
  • Occasional visitors from other Universities (must pay fee).
  • Visitors from other LTER sites (must pay fee).

The following groups should NOT expect to use the dormitory:

  • USFS personnel, PIs on sabbatical, and foreign visitors will normally use the USFS residence, with the Coweeta dormitory as a backup.
  • Wives/husbands/children of investigators not helping with research.
  • University classes or other instructional uses.
  • Miscellaneous friends and neighbors.

For more information on the facilities and how to make a reservations, see the Residence Page.

Please contact Carol Harper (828.524.2128x138) who handles the day-to-day management of the Coweeta Residence, or Jason Love (828.524.2128 x127).